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Images from a series of field trips undertaken in 2012/13 in order to assess the condition of the citadel at Bost and identify ways to reduce the damage being cased by erosion - see also 'A short walk in Helmand' in Minerva, March/April 2013. The conservation of the mausoleum of Shahzada Hussain has recently been completed by HAFO, with funding support from the US Department of State.

Photos by Jolyon Leslie (c) 2012-13.

01 Qala e Bost from the south west, 2012.
02 Bost arch from the citadel with city walls behind, 2012.
03 Detail of stucco and brick decoration on Bost arch, 2012.
04 Bost arch from south east with citadel behind, 2012.
05 Ruined qala or palace north of Bost citadel, 2012.
06 Ruined city gate on south east side of Bost walled precinct, 2012.
09 Bost citadel, north-west corner from river bed, May 2013.
08 Bost citadel, erosion on west elevation, May 2013.
11 Bost city walls from the north-west perimeter looking east, May 2013.
07 Bost citadel arch and walls looking south-east, May 2013.
10 Bost citadel, well in lower sections, May 2013.
07 West elevation of mausoleum of Shahzada Hussein Sarbaz
08 Interior of central space of mausoleum of Shahzada Hussein Sarbaz
05 Mausoleum of Shahzada view from N of repaired arch 05 2013
03 Mausoleum of Shahhzada works on SE side 05 2013
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