| Herat | City of Herat

A miscellany of images, mainly of the old city, taken between 1992 and 2013 during survey and conservation initiatives.

Photos by Jolyon Leslie (c) 1992-2013.

03 Bar Durrani quarter Herat old city tradition and modern 2009
02 Demolition of traditional housing with minarets of Musallah complex in the background - the sad reality of contemporary Herat
20 Herat bazaar 2010
03 Covered dalan in the old city 2011
23 Traditional home Herat old city 2010
04 Internal courtyard of a traditional home in the old city
19 Abresham serai Abdullah Mesri quarter 2013
05 Ongoing demolition in Bar Durrani Herat old city 04 2013
21 Interior Mullah Mufti Rasoul mosque 2012
06 Talibs in the Haji Musa mosque Qutbe Chaq Herat
22 Interior of synagogue now Hariva school 2012
24 Stair to roof of Charsuq cistern 2012
08 Qala Ikhtyaruddin museum interior 04 2013
07 Detail of orosi screen in Abdullah Mesri quarter of the old city
26 Decorative detail on Ghorid portal of Masjid Jame Herat 2012
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